What We Do

Financial Planning, Investment and Portfolio Management

Our philosophy is “pleasure now as well as later” when it comes to money!  Our aim is to help you have a great life and achieve your potential.  Our goal is to support and guide you with your savings and investments so that your life works out well for you.

Our Process

Our work is based on the principles of comprehensive financial planning.  Financial planning involves consideration of every aspect of your life, and more. It is based on the understanding that you get the most value out of your money by first clarifying what you want to do and achieve in life so you know what you need money for.

We believe in a good start. This means taking time to clarify all the details that relate to a successful ongoing portfolio and your future goals.  We agree to a focus and direction.  We recommend, you confirm.  We educate you so you understand.  We are very clear about our process.

We work with you to grow investments based on a design specifically prepared for you, adapted to your  short medium and long term goals.

We tailor your bespoke portfolio to the level of growth and volatility you are comfortable with. Given the appropriateness of various asset classes, we select your personal investments. Once you have agreed about the direction of the portfolio and confirmed  the recommendations we place investments, monitor and manage them for you. We report regularly.  We arrange drawdowns or one off expenses for you when you need them or once you stop earning. We look after your portfolio in consultation with you.

How do we choose where to invest your money?

Based on 30 years of experience, we ferret out and select the best individual stocks, the best managed funds so the portfolio will remain resilient to small (or major!) shocks. We use investments in cash, term deposits, bonds, shares locally and internationally, property and listed trusts and bonds, managed specialist funds in NZ and overseas.

Be aware that over the years, experience and market conditions may alter your originally held views so this process is interesting, dynamic and on-going. We are not blind followers of standard industry investment templates based on generalised investor profiles. We will not label you and put you in a box.

“Our role is working arm in arm with you, in your best interests.”

Investing is fun at Investment World

Director of Investment World Sue Billing (right) and Karen Smart reviewing client portfolios. Investing is fun at Investment World!


We specialise in researching, recommending, investing and monitoring our clients’ investments but our advice is always based on what you need your money to do for you.  We use our own in-house research, we have access to independent research via membership with a group of independent smaller practices and Professional Investment Associates (PIA). We employ our own external researcher, My Fiduciary,  and access several other share brokers and analysts. We subscribe to Morningstar and Farrelly’s and access Lonsec and many online sources.

Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS)

We were one of the first financial planning companies to be awarded a DIMS License in August 2015.  We have authority to invest, monitor and manage investments at our discretion on your behalf as agreed with you.


On-going annual investment returns are certainly important, but we consider achieving your overall lifestyle objectives the significant indicator of success. We work with you to develop a realistic and personal plan and investment strategy. We modify and ensure it works for you over the years.

We keep in regular contact with you. Regular monitoring which we do all the time and reviews (where we discuss what is going on in the portfolio) are important. You can contact us any time…we will discuss any matters that come up.


We are fee-only and do not accept rebates, commission or brokerage for investments. We have no contractual ties with large institutional fund managers, any fees are rebated if received by us, to your account. We are paid for accumulating, protecting and growing capital, for making appropriate drawdowns, not from making transactions.

I completely trust Investment World to look after my investments as my portfolio is growing which I am thrilled about.  I like the mix of investments they have chosen for me and that they will proactively move if needed to make more money.

– Katherine, Auckland