Who Invests With Us?

My goal is getting the balance between having a good life today as well as when you stop working.  I believe in aiming for a smooth transition into retirement so you hardly notice any change in income.  This works!

Building a Portfolio…you’re never too young and it’s never too late

Our investors are serious savers and investors who want financial planning and investment advice to grow a medium to long-term portfolio of investments, and/or a retirement capital reserve to complement their KiwiSaver Scheme.

How much should I be saving? How often?  Can I still enjoy life?  The amount ‘they’ say you need is so huge I can never reach that figure so I may as well forget about it.  Do I really need to save more than my work KiwiSaver Scheme?

We help you get these matters in perspective…and our clients are often surprised they don’t need as much as they feared…

We have clients who started with $13,000 and now have over $200,000…in just a few years.  And we have others who started with $500,000 and now have over $4m. The way to accumulate wealth is not how much you earn but the decision to save consistently over the years.  Then you suddenly find you have a considerable sized nest egg without having to deprive yourself of a satisfying life in the meantime. We guide you through any challenges on the way. We make it work for you!

Just Retired

Individuals and couples who want an investment portfolio structured to provide drawdowns on a regular basis throughout retirement from their accumulated investment capital.   They want to protect their investment capital.  We invest and monitor your portfolio and provide guidance through the years ahead, to travel, go to a smaller property, or a retirement home, and manage your investments through the years.  It is surprising that clients don’t spend as much as they can from their portfolios in retirement, in spite of encouragement.  Tastes and aspirations often seem to require less than they expected!

Thinking ahead… retirement fairly soon?

Individuals and couples who have saved and invested, are nearly at retirement but don’t want to stop working on the dot of 65.  “I am still enjoying it”,  “ I would just like to work a bit less”, “I am still enjoying my job and feel I have a lot to offer”  “What will I do if I am at home all day?” I have been asked to work part time with a friend’s business?’”

We have encouraged many clients to reduce full time work and guide their savings and future part-time employment as a transition to stopping working altogether. Many want to remain involved, enjoy the stimulation of work but want a different way of earning.  Some clients are surprised at the pleasure they get from an “encore career”.  A part time or completely different sort of job that gives them a new lease of life.  We will guide you and reassure you in these decisions and dovetail with your retirement nest egg.